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Juan Manuel Fangio - Erfolgreichster Rennfahrer des 20. Jahrhunderts
Author: Günther Molter

»Juan Manuel Fangio – The most successful race driver of the 20th century«
A complex designed illustrated book whick is about the successful history of one of the most impressive personality in racing. Unpublished pictures from the archives of the Daimler AG and private photographs as well as interviews make this book to a unique documentation.
272 pages, 400 illustrations, bound
Order No. 03313
Mercedes-Benz Renn-und Sportwagen seit 1894
Author: Günter Engelen

»Mercedes-Benz racing cars and roadsters since 1894«
For many decades Mercedes-Benz causes furor on racetracks. Günter Engelen shows the developement history of the legendary racing cars and roadsters. With numerous, mostly unpublished pictures he createt a superlative paperwork.
680 pages, 550 illustrations
Order No. 03206

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